Here are some of the posters I designed for extra projects at school.

Feb. 2008
Visiting Designer poster for Keetra Dean Dixon
Co-designed with Eileen Levinson, desastrous printing job so here are the digital files with some exclusive details!



Nov. 2007
Show me what you’ve got
Assignement that I created for the BFA4 design class who I TA for. I gave the class an excerpt from Death in Venice by Thomas Mann as a starting point to design a poster. The point of the exercise was for them to integrate personal content in a poster and hopefully make it look awesome.
The set of posters will be submitted to the design programm show Love & Heartbreak opening on february 7th and curated by my dear friends and classmates Stephanie Chen and Nikelle Orellana.
Here’s the poster I designed.

Oct. 2007
Visiting Artist poster for Stanya Kahn and Harry Dodge’s lecture
Co-designed with Colleen Corcoran, 2 colors silkscreen prints on white and yellow paper, 50 prints.

Sept. 2007
Visiting Artist poster for Lisa Anne Auerbach’s lecture,
co-designed with Nikelle Orellana, 35 blue printed copies.

Apr. 2007
EARTHQUAKE AND AFTER SHOCKS, 3 colors silk screen posters,
35 copies each, the second one was co-designed with Macgregor Harp.


Apr. 2007
THE SKRIKER, directed by Linsay Firman,
2 colors silk screen poster, 50 copies.

Dec. 2006
I, ETERNAL CHILD, written by Patrick Kennelly,
2 colors silk screen poster on chip board, 100 copies.

Nov. 2007
BIG BABY, written by Sibyl O’Malley, performed at CalArts in december 2006.
Co-designed with Nikelle Orellana, 2 colors silk screen poster, 50 copies.

Oct. 2007
REDCAT LECTURE, curated by Lorraine Wild,
Michael Worthington and Gail Swanlund at Redcat.
Co-designed with Mansi Shah, 2 colors silk screen poster, 50 copies.


2 responses to “POSTERS

  1. HelloBonjour Julie!
    Vraiment tres bons ces posters, j’aime particulierement celui pour L.A Auerbach! Tu les as imprimés à la CalArts?
    Best, ©@∫h

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